Truckies are among the most integral occupations our country relies on to ensure our products make it from one part of the country to another. They do a tremendous effort but on occasion one or two might disagree with the information being shared on ITS Consulting Group’s remotely controlled traveller information signs. This has lead to damage being caused by a person using tools to attempt to rotate a message drum to a setting they find more conducive to their own needs.

Panir was able to identify this issue and present a retrofitted solution to ITS. By installing our own Australian engineered and fabricated torque limiting device, the drum can be forced to rotate by a grumpy truckie with out doing much more damage than a few cosmetics scrapes and dings.

Our Panir engineered and fabricated controller boxes, which handle all operational communications and control of the signs, self audit to regularly check they are presenting the information they have been programed to show. Before long the rotating drum will automatically reset itself back to the position set by the operator and travellers get the essential information they need to stay safe.


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